Korean language education plan and textbook distribution schedule (additional)

by 삶의언어 posted Dec 30, 2022


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Extra Form

Hello. This is JONGKWAN LIM.


I planned the lecture a long time ago, but since I have never taught this type of lecture, there are a lot of difficulties to start.


[Lecture plan]

The lectures I prepare will be conducted in a unique way that you have never seen before.


Lecture level: Beginner's Course 1

Lecture content: How to read and write consonants and vowels

Languages of lecture: 103 (textbooks released)

Lecture Schedule: Refer to [Broadcast Schedule]


Lecture Level: Beginner's Course 2

Lecture Content: Basic words combined with consonants and vowels

Teaching Language: To be determined

Lecture schedule: Refer to [Broadcast Schedule]



[Lecture materials]

1. Full disclosure by subject

2. One release per language

3. Supplementary textbooks are released irregularly



[Disclosure method]

YouTube / Facebook / Homepage / Mobile App (under development)